Tuesday, 25 January 2011

People spew their guts and vom all day long!

Apologies for the rather graphic title. If this were a BBC programme there would be one of those things at the end which says "If you have been affected by any of the issues in tonight's show..."

So, as the learned readers amongst you may have gathered I have been ill. Spectacularly so infact. Last Tuesday I ended up leaving work early feeling like death warmed up. I didn't even make it home. I got to the front of the hospital where I work and spewed everywhere. I called up a very good friend to ask for some advice as I'd spent most of the afternoon hypo, half way through the call I had to pause to vomit. Not my finest hour. We decided to pop to A&E to be safe.
After a short wait in A&E and running to the toilet every few minutes as I had a massive case of the shits, I saw the doctor. Turns out I had a bout of gastroenteritis. What happened in A&E was the doc gave me an injection of metoclopramide right into the glorious area that is my furry arse. I also got a prescription for more metoclopramide for use later on. What metoclopramide does is it stops you vomiting. After leaving A&E my friend got me a cab home and made sure I was ok before leaving me as I was frankly plague ridden.
That was just the start. Over the first night I didn't sleep as I spent the night running to the bog every twenty minutes and throwing up every hour or so. I was also rather feverish. I can't recall much of that night which is a blessing. The second day wasn't too bad as the squits and vomiting were still there but much reduced. It took a few days for the vomiting and the shits to stop. I couldn't eat either really, well, not until Sunday. I made the most of the large amount of bacon that I had. Note past tense.
Interestingly the BG's behaved rather well during my predicament. This is partially due to being on a pump and having all the benefits that it brings. On the other hand I didn't eat anything for a few days.
As a result I'm now about five or six kilos lighter than I used to be. Result. Well, I do need to loose weight but in any other way than that! I'm at work tomorrow and I am rather looking forward to going back to work. I hate being sick.

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Times are tough, or more to the point, the skin on my beer gut is.

Something I've noticed over the past few weeks is that it's becoming a little harder to put in my Silhouette infusion sets. I use my belly as that's only place that I can get them in without it being utter agony, that and I can't reach elsewhere really.
What I've noticed is that sometimes the skin won't break unless I put alot of force behind the inserter needle. Now this isn't exactly desireable. It means that I have to go around my stomach testing to see if the needle will make it in without too much force. What I usually find that works is me putting a site in the same side of my belly twice as oppose to once then putting in a new one on a different side each time I change. It works well for me usually. That is until a few weeks ago. I just have to see if the other place is a bit better by trying to jam the needle in. Sometimes it works. Others I go back to the other side and hope that things will be a bit better the next time.
I suppose I'm lucky that I'm not allergic to the cannulas. That'd be a right pain in the arse if I'm honest. I'd then be obliged to use a steel cannula which is something I never want to have to do.
For that reason I've asked for a few boxes of the nine milimetre Quicksets that Medtronic do because I can use an inserter to put them in rather than pussy footing about with my hands. Maybe a different type of cannula will help me so I suppose it's worth a shot.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Yearning for what I cannot have...

I've been watching TV today. Not that that is surprising really. However, one advert did catch my eye. It was a recruitment advert for the Royal Marines. Seriously inspiring stuff. It makes me feel funny. I have a huge respect for what all the British forces do. What it did make me want to do was join up. The purpose of the add. Then I got a hit of bitterness as I know I cannot join up owing t othe fact that I'm type one. I suppose that's always been a bit of a dream of mine and what I have wanted to do for as long as I can remember. Then you realise that you can't have it. It's one of the big things that I really hate about being type one. I don't know why I wanted to join the army but I do. Now I know that the diabetes hasn't really stopped me from doing alot of things in my life but this is the one thing that really sticks in my throat. The knowledge that however much you want to do something you know you can't do it. That's what hurts if I'm honest.

Monday, 3 January 2011

If you want blood!

You got it!
Blood on the streets,
blood on the rocks,
blood in the gutter,
every last drop,
if you want blood,
you got it!!!

Well, not quite that sort of thing but, thanks to AC/DC and today's cannula change that brought about this post.
Today was cannula change day. Not normally a problem for me as I'm now something of a dab hand at cannula changes which involve my Silhouette sets. Today's change was somewhat more exciting.
All went well when I put the thing in to begin with and nothing out of the ordinary was noticed. Not until I decided to have a shower that is. I went to un hook from my pump and to put a shower cap on to it. I saw that there was blood filling up the cannula. Not good. I looked at the tubing. There was blood filling that too. What did I do? Well, I took the cannula out. Big error but it had to be done. Blood poured out of my belly and all over my thigh. I must have hit a small blood vessel. That was a bit of a shocker to liven up my morning.

Sunday, 2 January 2011

The ever changing world in which we live in...

Thank you Paul McCartney and Wings for creating the theme to the rather good Bond film Live And Let Die which has sort of inspired this post.
Things seem to change alot when you pump. Basals will be fine for a few weeks at a time then suddenly need to change.
In my case this has been a gradual process since a little before Christmas Day and from then on. I'd noticed that I was flying rather high in the evenings so I made changes to sort that out. Since then I've noticed changes in the late afternoon which has had something done about it. The most frustrating one has been the past few nights and early mornings. I've been rising overnigh despite corrections to around ten or eleven millimoles per litre. That tells me I need to make changes so I have.
I do love pumping but it really does mystify me as to how changes like this come about and make my life somewhat unpleasant for a few days whilst working things out and making the necessary changes. Granted the changes are generally good for a few weeks to two or so months but then they need to change again which is quite irritating. It doesn't happen too often that I need to make changes but I'd like it if I could get them sorted and not have to change them at all. My body it seems, has other ideas on the matter.