Thursday, 2 August 2012

I'll be home for the summer...

So I'm back at my Mum's for the summer. This means many things. No I am not going to be slobbing around and simply sunning myself. Funds do not allow this despite due to the economic circumstances this country finds itself in meaning that there's bugger all work going. So instead I am making myself useful at home. My project for the moment is sorting out the garden which is a bit of a tall order but I'll get there.

Due to summer temperatures and such like I am having to alter my basals quite dramatically. My total basal dose is no 28.85 units in twenty four hours. This is because I have been hypoing massively and constantly due to heat and working hard in the back garden (back yard for your septics that may read this). I've worked out the temporary basal that I need and that's about 10% for the duration of the gardening and a bit of time after it. I also leave a little off the meal bolus I have before and I give that over a half hour to an hour so that it isn't all in my system at once and that means I don't drop like bat out of hell. I have been doing through enough glucose to keep the manufacturers in business singlehanded.

Other than that it's chill out, try not to let the diabetes kill me and enjoy life. At the last look in July my HbA1c was a wonderful 6.5%, however this is due to a few too many little hypos but still, given my line of work that is inevitable to be honest with you. On a work note, I saw and participated in my first cardiac arrest. That half hour or so will stick with me forever.

Until the next time, well, whenever I next remember the password to this place!