Sunday, 28 August 2011

I've been lazy and camping...

So my last post was the first of last month. Look who's been a bloody idle one eh?

Nothing too dramatic to report really. I've left my job so I can go to university in a little over three weeks from now. My nursing degree starts on the nineteenth of next month. This is strange. I'll be a student again.
As for the diabetes, well, things have been a bit interesting. I've had a hatful of dodgy cannulas. I seem to have a knack for finding the viens in my abdomen, that or my cannulas have the idea that heading for a vein is the best thing to do. A few days ago I had that happen twice in a row. I was not best pleased to say the least. There are things that need looking at. For example I need to see if I'm either hypoing and rebounding which is sending me high at about eleven in the morning or whether it's my insulin to carbs ratio that needs checking. Looks like I'll have to get myself in order for a three in the morning until midday basal test. Yawn. I had things rather nice up until a few days ago.
Camping. Yes, camping. I've done a bit in my time but this one was different. It was with my Mum and sisters. We were living in a caravan for a week. Diabetes wise I was pretty good despite large amounts of food consumed. The one real issue was a failed set that went tits up in the early hours. I didn't spot that until later in the evening. Not a great idea. Other than that it all went well.
Normally at this time of year I start to get letters inviting me to attend a review clinic at the hospital where I'm treated. Sadly I've a very strong feeling that I'll get those letters when I've moved to university and thus won't be able to attend. It is a bit of a trek from Oxford to Eastbourne and back. Let alone the cost of the train fare. Oh well, I'll call them again on Tuesday as Monday is a bank holiday. Sort out something. More news on that when I get it.
Humalog. Yes I like it. The new poison is very much welcome. It's not overly different but the psychological difference that the change has made is quite something. That and it's acutally easy to draw up a reservoir for my pump from the humalog vials.
That's all for now folks. I'll post more sooner or later.