Monday, 1 July 2013

What's new pussy cat? Whooooooah ooooh aaah ooooh!

Well hello there! My, my things have changed in my life since the last time I took up the pen, metaphorically speaking at least.

So what's happened? In terms of things that have happened, things can be grouped into several categories; university, work and health. So let's start at the top.


As for uni, too much isn't happening on that front. I have finished my year but I have to resit an assignment which is something of a pain in the arse but it needs to be done. I just wish I'd got it right the first time around. I've had to drop out of my elective module for health reasons which will become more apparent when I discuss them in more depth later on.


Well, at last I have some paid work. Hip, hip hooo bloody ray. I can now earn a few things and start turning what is a decidedly Grecian financial situation into something more usual. My first pay cheque rolls in on Friday. It's already promised elsewhere but  at least I shall have it.
I also now work for a rather large voluntary movement which is well known world wide for it's humanitarian aide. Love it.


This is where we enter slightly sticky ground. In terms of diabetes things are doing ok, even though I am in a little of a rough patch that needs a bit of tweaking to sort out. Now for the main event.
Since my last blog, I've had a lot of fun. As you may recall, I did take anti depressants for a little while to help me through a pretty crappy time of my life. I've been clear of them about three months now which is rather nice. However, since I came off them I had some rather unpleasant abouts of palpitations. For those of a non medical mind, these are defined as an awareness of one's own heart beating. A pretty wide definition but one none the less. I saw my GP who is absolutely lovely. We did an ECG. From the GP's ECG it turns out I have something called Wolff Parkinson White Syndrome. This is a pre excitation syndrome resulting from an accessory pathway. I won't explain it all as I am sure that you are all able to find the Arrhythmia Alliance's website and it has a good deal of information about this.
About a week after this diagnosis, I ended up in A&E which wasn't a pleasant experience to be honest with you. The last time I was an inpatient was in 1999. Things have changed a lot since then. The end of it was is that I scared the living daylights out the charge nurse with a BP of 175/95 and a heart rate of 130 - 140 when I was being triaged. What ED thought is that I didn't have Wolff Parkinson White. Odd to say the least.
I've since been seen by a cardiologist who has said that yes, I do have it. I will get around to uploading a picture of my ECG when I can, no promises. The plan is for a procedure called Electrophysiological Studies (EP Studies) with a view to an ablation. More information on the Arrhythmia Alliance's website. The trouble is, that I will be the first pumper that this particular hospital will have ablated. I can't wear a pump into a cath lab as X-rays are used to guide the placement of a catheter. I feel a sliding scale coming along. However, my consultant hasn't mentioned anything about this so I shall have to go to him and sort this out. Watch this space.

Overall it's been an interesting few months. More to come and more interesting things to come as well.