Monday, 11 July 2011

A promised update

So, a few weeks ago I started using Humalog as opposed to my usual Novorapid. Since I started using it there have been alot of things going on. After a nice little bit of a few weeks of things going all sweetly things have now gone a little sour. It's irritating that since I got back from a nice two week holiday where things were pretty good (if with it's off patches) it's all gone tits up. Over the past few days I've had massively uncontrollable bloods. Highs that I've not seen the like of since my pump went out of comission more than four months ago. The like of these highs has been something spectacular.
Now I don't get upset about the occasional high. Far from it. However this time is different. I've been getting upset about it all. I can't find any reason for the highs that I've been getting. I feel fine and I'm totally well. As a result I've got to run a temporary basal of a hundred and forty percent and loads of corrections to maintaint decent control. It's really getting to me. I'm just so fed up with it all. I want out. End of moan.