Wednesday, 14 December 2011

All I want for Christmas...

So what is it I want for Christmas this fine year? A functioning pancreas would be a little too much to ask of modern medicine. That said, I can ask for a CGM. Despite the NHS hating funding such things (adults with CGM funding are like rocking horse shit) I am going to badger my new consultant for one when I meet him next year. This will enable me to use the function that a Medtronic Veo equipped with sensors calls low glucose suspend. Do your reading. This'll make my life much easier, especially managing my diabetes as a student nurse. I am currently on placement. Although I am not doing badly in terms of managing my diabetes, I could be doing a lot better. Simple. Too many hypos for my liking. Oh well, I shall wait and see once I have booked the appointment with the new chap who is meant to be quite good.
Also what I don't want is to be a diabetes specialist nurse. In all honesty I don't want to devote myself to diabetes any more than I have to. I deal enough with diabetes in my role as a student nurse on acute general medicine in my hospital. I can't face dealing with it any more than I am already. I know we need more DSNs but I can't be one of them. I need time out of diabetes. I dish out insulins, other diabetes drugs such as Metformin and well, I don't like to have any more input than that and perhaps making suggestions. I don't want to deal with it every second. It'd drive me even madder than I already am. I do use my knowledge to benefit my patients though. I won't waste it. I just don't want diabetes on the brain 24/7.