Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Pump associated toys...

Firstly an apology, I've not been doing this for a while for several reasons. Paramount amongst those is my contract of enslavement with my local PCT which employs me when I'm not undermining my university. Secondly is laziness. Enough said.
I think it's safe to say I've been diabetic for long enough because now the colour of my pump cannulas actually does matter! Sad I know but it's now a possibility (and one which I have used) to get hold of coloured cannulas for a Medtronic pump. They're called Mios and I've gone for a load of blue ones. Five months worth to be precise. Each one comes with it's own Quickserter which is really handy as it saves on having to lug around a Quickserter and cannula. They're much less painful when putting them in too. I do like the Mios, they are a rather handy thing to have instead of the Quickset cannulas (of which I still have a few lurking around the place). The main reason I got them was the colour. Yes, the shallow and sad bugger has only got them for that really. If I remember to, I'll put a picture up on here. Not likely but you have been warned haha.
Since begining pumping back in April of this year alot of things have happened. The best one diabetes wise is that my HbA1c has gone from 8.3% pre pump to 7.1% in four months. I have also got how to fill reservoirs actually sussed out (most of the time!) Overall, diabetes life is as good as it gets.

Thank you loyal subjects!