Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Here I am! Rock you like a hurricaaaaaaaane!

So here I am, checking in again after an emotional post a few weeks ago. It's been fun folks!

What have I been up to then? Well essentially university which has caused various nervous break downs due to having to prepare and give an assessed presentation on cancer recurrences with a case study. Stress central. I've also had to re arrange a placement as university assigned me a daft one which would have been impossible. So I am now in an environment that I am enjoying but is vastly different to what I am used to. Being able to give one to one care and do a proper job is fantastic. More on that at a later date. 

Having taken citalopram ( a selective serotonin re-uptake inhibtor, an anti depressant) for the better part of a year I decided that as I was running our of medication it was a reasonably good time to come off the damn things. Yes, since I came off them I have been having my moments, as you know from my last post. However, slightly more worrying were the palpitations and dizziness that have been and gone over the past two weeks but have since come back this evening. I did go to the GP who I am rather fond of as she is absolutely lovely and tends to give me what I ask for, you might see why I like her. Back to the palpitations, I have had them every so often which I first associated to the withdrawal from the citalopram. That said I have seen the GP about this. My heart sounds are clear, I've had a listen as well just to satisfy my own curiosity. I have however got to go for an ECG on Monday which will be interesting. I've asked that I get a copy sent to me and the GP is happy to do that. That'll come up on here when I get it. 

On a diabetes related note, I found a box of silhouette sets I didn't know I had in a drawer. Result!

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